Socially responsible Investment funds




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Global REIT Developments




Global REIT Developments consists of the creation, financing and the management of operationally independent real estate investment trusts in various regions around the globe.  





Real Estate and Non Real Estate Equity Placements



Raising equity is an important aspect of real estate and non real estate (business) acquisitions and developments. As such, it is important to have effective and efficient equity/debt raising capabilities. This may include in-house or outsourced investment banking abilities. In either case, positive relationships with various investment banking and private equity firms need to be maintained.

Unfortunately, the unregulated client selection process has netted substantial fall-outs, unethical practices, greater dispersion between wealthy and moderate investors, and an overall unequal treatment of new entrepreneurs versus the investment banks' current client base.

My blog will outline the process of raising funds with various investment banks, while highlighting some of these unethical practices.




  CANADIAN Counsel for the Advancement of Consumers and Citizens





The Counsel for the Advancement of Consumers and Citizens is an initiative I created to increase social, environmental, and socio-economic awareness in Canada. This non profit organization will be mandated to increase the awareness of social and environmental decline in Canada.


  Retail, Office and Special Purpose real estate projects





Website visitors will have the ability to view the development of large global capital projects within any of my companies.  

International Diversity Conference

Canada has a diverse cultural heritage. However, in my opinion, Quebec's tolerance level is not at the same level as it is with the rest of the country. In an effort to further encourage diversity in Quebec, I am hoping to have Montreal host the annual International Diversity conference.





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