ABOUT ME Peterson Frederick, BSc, CRM, MBA – Mr. Frederick is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc., a federally incorporated Canadian corporation. He is also Chairman of the Board of Northern Providence Investments, a newly formed socially responsible investing asset manager. 

As an experienced entrepreneur, business consultant, and corporate strategist, Mr. Frederick has been the principal consultant in the acquisition of businesses, real estate and various other endeavours for various organizations. Mr. Frederick strives on, among other things, evaluating, identifying, and improving an organizations’ execution gaps. This involves acquiring, developing, bridging and implementing available resources (both external and internal) to meet organizational objectives.

Mr. Frederick has managed business operations, improved financial management and implemented corporate strategies for organizations in various industries. His breadth and depth of experiences range from developing strategies for the world's leading producer of primary aluminum Alcoa to Canada’s leading pest risk management solutions provider: Orkin. Mr. Frederick has also provided strategic advising to small and medium businesses in the areas of business development, acquisitions, developing and maintaining key client relationships, financial management and talent management.

Mr. Frederick's strong intellectual capital and experiences are complemented by his education. He holds double Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics & Statistics and Economics from Concordia University, two undergraduate certificates in Risk Management and Public Relations Management from McGill University, a graduate diploma in Treasury Finance also from McGill University, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Corporate Finance from HEC Montreal (Ranked in the top 10 Non-U.S. business schools by both “Businessweek” and “Forbes” magazines in 2007). 

Mr. Frederick also holds a Canadian Risk Manager (CRM) designation and is appointed a Commissioner for Oaths in all international jurisdictions by the Minister of Justice of Quebec (#168872).

Mr. Frederick has a long university, and post university athletic career spanning wrestling, semi-professional football, and badminton. Mr. Frederick is a former member of the Montreal Condors, a semi-professional football team in which he played both strong and free safety. Mr. Frederick is currently attempting to improve his golf game. 

  MY THOUGHTS "The key to developing a successful organization is threefold: 1) an open and trusted management, 2) a viable business model, and 3) an effective talent management policy”

An open and trusted management is an operational structure that has complete bilateral faith in front line (lower level) and senior management. Lower level members have complete faith in the decisions of senior management and senior management has complete faith in the decisions and contributions of lower level management. Furthermore, all members of the organization must have the ability to voice their opinions regarding a proposed or actual course of action. In some cases, front line operational staff members have a  better grasp of the viability of a strategic action rather than senior management. Consequently, an open and trusted management is one that is flexible.    

A viable business model is one that is attainable, marketable and commercially viable. Contrary to popular belief, in some cases a competitive advantage over other players in any given market is not necessary for a company to be "successful." For example, duplicating a competitor's business model may lead to gains in market share and the erosion a competitor's market share position.      

An effective talent management policy is one that fosters the retention and selection of the best human capital. Organizational theory states that an organization that has a strong stance on diversity has a larger pool of human capital from which it may select the best candidate. As such, assuming the organization will always select individuals with the highest contribution value, diversity will lead to an optimal selection process and therefore adds value to the organization. Therefore, organizations without a strong diversity principle are suboptimal.      Open, flexible, and trusted management Viable, marketable and competitive business model   Effective talent management policy MY CHARACTER Idealist – This is the basis of almost all of my actions in life. As a follower of western idealism, I have a tendency to see things as they should be. For example, equality, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background or religion is an ideology that I hold dear. It is unfortunate that we have not reached a social state where this ideology is widely accepted.

Futurist – I am a conventional (non-religious) futurist. As a science fiction enthusiast, I believe that technology is important to the progression of our society and to the improvement of our lives. Futurists believe that the future is full of advanced technologies such as cures for today's deadly diseases;  social improvements including greater tolerance, less poverty and hunger; and various other improvements. In this ideology, futurists believe progression is based on technology improvements

Progressionist – Similar to idealism and futurism, a progressionist is someone who believes in the progression of society towards perfection. It is my hope that one day racism, poverty, hunger and similar injustices will be eradicated. It is impossible to do so in a short period of time. However, we can improve or "progress" to a better state by making small improvements from one day to the next.

Strategist – As a corporate strategist, I develop innovative (and usually new) initiatives, policies and procedures that allow a business to effectively and efficiently meet its objectives.

Realist – A realist is the opposite of an idealist and takes the world as it is. The realist takes a logical and factual approach to society and acts accordingly. The realist believes that universals are real and exist independently of anyone thinking of them.

Activist –  As an equality activist, I have taken steps to ensure that inequality by individuals or organizations are stamped out vehemently. This includes, but is not limited to court actions.    MY MUST READS The following are some great books to read. "Freakonomics" by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner "Good to Great" by Jim Collins "Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done" by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan "Entrepreneur Power Plays
How the World's Most Dynamic Thinkers Reach the Top of Their Game" By Businessweek
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