Welcome to my website Welcome to the personal website of Peterson Frederick, corporate strategist, entrepreneur and social responsibility activist. This website contains interactive capabilities such as a blog, a section on ongoing projects and news updates. Visitors have the ability to follow and comment on Peterson’s activities and insights.  MY PROJECTS Peterson has multiple and diverse projects progressing concurrently. From real estate projects to  management consulting mandates. This website allows visitors to view the progress and associated milestones for different projects while commenting frankly on Peterson’s successes or difficulties.   Socially responsible investment funds Various real estate and non real estate projects Endeavours related to the advancement of consumers and citizens  Follow me on Twitter Strategic partnership agreements  MY VISION To be a conduit and catalyst for the creation and growth of globally competitive, socially beneficial, and commercially successful organizations. To become an access point and provide a voice to the underrepresented, unheard, suppressed minority groups worldwide. 

Newsletter signup! NEWS AND EVENTS Peterson Frederick approaches leaders in corporate social responsibility to launch new investment fund
July 10, 2010
Recognizing that corporate responsibility and societal concerns are valid parts of investment decisions, Peterson Frederick approached various entrepreneurs, environmentalist, social responsibility activists to develop an investment fund that attempts to achieve solid financial returns by investing in companies that not only demonstrate financial, social, and environmental advantages, but also contribute to the sustainability of Canada and the rest of the world.  more Peterson Frederick Launches New Website
August 18, 2008
Peterson Frederick launched his new personal website today. The new site includes interactive capabilities and the ability to follow Frederick's ongoing projects. The Quebec based entrepreneur says the new website will also have a blogging section were he will comment on current events. more MY COMPANIES  

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